It isn’t THAT hard!

So, you want to get in shape… but spending 2 hours a day in the gym, endless cardio, eating boiled chicken and rice all day, and resigning to the life of a quasi-hermit isn’t appealing to you? Can’t say I don’t blame ya!

That was the route I tried time and time again. The last time I tried that fruitless and painful path was late spring, 2015. That preluded the summer I made all the discoveries that led to the philosophies I preach today.

I was ready to go all in. I was fed up with how I looked. I was determined to go for a run at 6 every morning before summer classes. After class, I’d whip up a meal of rabbit food and a touch of chicken breast. Then, I’d either lift or do sprints for an hour and a half, followed by more rabbit food, maybe some bland beef, and a dab of brown rice.

Guess what kind of results I got!

Absolutely zero… I couldn’t stick to the damn routine. Life, willpower, and the fact that I felt like crap got in the way.

Sure, if I actually stuck to it I would have gotten results, but they would have been fleeting. Looking back with what I know now, I see that I would have overtrained and plateaued within 2 weeks.

See, that’s what most of the fitness industry doesn’t realize. Adherence is the #1 factor of success for any program, BUT many make their programs WAY harder than they need to be! From body-breaking regimens to overly complicated diet protocol, it is just unsustainable.

Even the people who suffer through (for no good reason, mind you), their bodies will either look good but be shit physiologically (and may even be taking steroids)… or look bad and be shit physiologically.

Would you dedicate hours upon hours to a regimen that left your body depleted, mind defeated, and you may look no better than you started?

No. Of course not. But is there an alternative?

Yes… ShredSmart.

You see, you are not the only one who hasn’t reached results. It’s not your genetics, it’ not your lack of willpower… it’s the doomed plans you have followed. This plan is the complete opposite of doomed

ShredSmart was made by a man named Radu Antonieu. He is the founder of Eat Think Lift, a personal development business that changes lives through eating smarter, improving mindsets, and lifting more efficiently. In fact, his blog and YouTube channel are one of the select few that I credit my inspiration for this blog to. His content is entertaining, informative, and all around brilliant.

When Radu FINALLY released this workout program, I was overjoyed. Personally, I use workouts by my own design, but his are VERY well put together. His program is in the upper-echelon of result-getting and minimal-effort dieting and lifting. Radu has identified the few universal factors that generate results and doubled down on them. And when I say universal… I mean that it would mean that you are a physical anomaly to NOT get results on this program.

Just to give you an idea…

You WILL lose weight, because the only thing that will cause you to lose weight is a calorie deficit. Radu shows you how to create a calorie deficit with little headache and difficulty. And all the weight you lose will be fat because…

You WILL gain strength and muscle. Radu has learned the main drivers of gaining strength and muscle. The intensity, volume, and frequency are meticulously dialed in via an effective and easy to follow periodization model. (If all that sounds foreign to you, don’t worry! It basically means that Radu did his homework and learned from the best scientifically backed and experienced fitness pros.)

You WILL get the body you dream of. A low body fat and size in the right muscle groups will give your physique the proportions you are after… assuming you want a natural, perfectly sculpted, not-overdone, ‘Hollywood” physique.

Lastly, and most importantly, you WILL keep time and energy for your other passions. Dads, busy professionals, students working your way through college, or anyone who can’t or won’t focus on fitness 24/7, this one’s for you. because Radu found the relatively few important factors that work in getting you results, he can cut out all the time-consuming bs that other fitness professionals revel in.

Expect to see great things in this program. Many aspects will be novel (like intermittent fasting), and many will be tough to grasp at first (tracking your macros). There may be a steep learning curve for you, but be assured that the short time it takes to ingrain the habits ShredSmart instructs will be worth it; these teachings will keep you in shape for life!

That’s about all I can say to be honest. Wanna hear about it from the man himself? Click here!