About Me


My name is Don McIlwain, and I’m the guy behind McIlwain Solutions.

I have a passion for health, fitness, and nutrition that stems from improving my fitness, health, and body.

My whole life I wanted to have one of those impressive physiques you see on TV, in movies, and in magazines. I worked hard to achieve my goal, but despite all my efforts I remained chubby. A few years ago, however, I lost 25 pounds and gained a respectable amount of strength. I did this through a marriage of unorthodox (and safe) methods and common sense. As a result, I hold a blend of mainstream and non-mainstream ideas about health and fitness.

Just some evidence for ya! All done with effective and easy protocol

These days I am constantly reading, researching, and pondering things in the health and fitness sphere. I want to share what I learned with you! My goals is to help you on your journey to get the health, fitness level, and physique you desire.

A big part of my philosophy is to not let fitness be the biggest thing in life. Fitness should fit in with all other aspects of life- not be a major inconvenience or the main focal point. I will also share how I have incorporated health, fitness, and nutrition into my life in an easy, effective, and seamless way.

While I have made insane improvements,  I’m not at my goal level of fitness yet myself. I hope we can share this journey together!

To your success,

Don McIlwain III



I am not a certified personal trainer, dietician, nutrition coach, and so forth. I am just a person who is passionate about health and fitness. All that I offer here is just advice, opinions based on independent research, and personal experience. I am not responsible for any adverse effects from practicing the recommendations, ideas, or acting on the information on this website. By practicing what I advise or the ideas I share here, you accept all pertaining risks and responsibilities. Always check with a doctor before starting any exercise or nutrition protocol.